A resume is an advertisement of your skills, experience, work history, education and community service.  It’s generally the first impression a potential employer has of an applicant.  In this day and age, it is almost impossible to acquire employment without an application and a resume.  Keep in mind, you have about 20 seconds to appeal to the reader and promote your professional experience before a decision is made to move forward in the recruiting process.  Depending on the type of job being applied to, a specific resume format may apply.



Chronological Resume

A Chronological Resume is a snapshot of work history.  It’s the most commonly used and preferred by most employers because most recent positions are listed up front.  Work history is listed in chronological order, beginning with most recent job to earliest

Great for job seekers with:

  • No gaps in employment
  • A solid work history
  • Experience that’s aligned with the job applying to

Functional Resume

A Functional Resume focuses on skills and experience first.  The employment history is secondary and listed below the details of your skills

Great for job seekers who are:

  • Recent college graduates, with limited work experience
  • Gaps in employment history
  • Middle of a career transition
  • Diverse background and still trying to figure out what you want to do

Hybrid Resume

A Hybrid Resume is a combination of skills, experience, and a chronological listing of work history.  It tells the hiring manager a story and the details are tailored to the job being applied to.

Great for job seekers who:

  • Want to show hiring managers a detailed version of what you bring to the table

Industry Specific Resume

An Industry Specific Resume Offers the best end results, but can be time consuming.  The resume is customized in detail to the actual job applying to.  The objective, qualifications and educational experience targets the requirements of the position.

Great for job seekers with:

  • Qualifications and experience that mirrors the job they’re applying to